A kidney transplant surgery in NIce, France. BSIP/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

This Nonprofit Just Took a Big Step to Make Kidney Donation in the US Easier

Donating a kidney saves a life — and now it doesn’t have to cost you money.

On Wednesday, NKR announced that all donors giving through swaps NKR puts together will now be eligible for Donor Shield, a program where donors can get reimbursed for major expenses like lost wages, transportation costs, and lodging expenses for their caregivers.

Source: VOX.com 
For a long time, the National Kidney Registry, a nonprofit organization that facilitates kidney pairs and chains (which enable more donations by matching donors with recipients who have compatible blood types and antibodies), and is responsible for about a sixth of all kidney donations and about two-thirds of kidney pair donations, has been trying to cut the number of kidney disease fatalities, and a new policy they’ve adopted is especially ambitious.

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